At Dripstone we believe the learning possibilities are endless when children are provided with the space and opportunity to discover through play.

We recognise the immense power of relationships and as such seek to cultivate and nurture strong relationships. Connection is key in all we do.

Each day at Dripstone we are privileged to be joined by up to 68 children. We feel truly blessed to be involved in the lives of the little people who spend their days at Dripstone.

Little People

Natural open spaces are what you’ll find when you enter the Dripstone grounds. Together we care for the land that sustains us. When making design decisions for our grounds we prioritise edibles alongside bird and butterfly attracting native species.  

Harvesting fresh produce, collecting eggs, sorting waste and composting are just a few ways in which the children of Dripstone contribute to walking lightly on the land that supports all life. We recognise the importance of developing skills for life that encompass environmental responsibility for all people, big and small.