Environmental Responsibility

If we are to raise a generation of children to do a better job with the planet than we have done then we, the adults must commit to action in the here and now.

At Dripstone we are on a collective journey to understand what it means to 'Live Loving Nature' and this has seen us make many changes to our practices and our purchasing habits.

We invite you to share your environmentally responsible habits and ideas with us so that we may walk more lightly on the land.

Nature Pedagogy

We understand that intentional nature-based  play is at the core of high quality learning environments. Play at Dripstone is uniquely shaped by the seasonal shifts of Larrakia Country.

Loving nature is central to everything we do and a commitment to nature pedagogy helps us in cultivating a generation of leaders to do better with the planet

We support an ethos of children being outdoors in all weather. We understand this to be the best thing for children's health and development while also providing rich learning opportunities.

The Gulumoerrgin seasons guide our connection to land, sky and sea with these conversations leading us to rich two-way learning opportunities and an invaluable curriculum.

Beyond the Boundary

As a community of learners educators and children at Dripstone regularly venture beyond the boundary of our grounds.

We visit local beaches, the community garden and the library often and from time to time you'll find us at important community events like those related to the climate crisis.

Sister Centre

The Dripstone team work alongside the Manayingkarirra Child and Family Centre, in Maningrida, to engage in two-way learnings that draw upon and celebrate strengths, achievements and areas of growth.

By partnering in this way, we grow in ways not available without this unique partnership. We are so proud of the relationships we have cultivated and the richness that this relationship has brought to our community of children and educators.