It takes a village

To ensure the best outcomes for children we work in partnership, collaboratively with our families.

As a community-based centre, we rely upon our community of families to guide our ship. Supporting our community in raising their children is, for us, more than education and care.

We believe ‘those who know better do better’ and other than the amazing community events that bring us together we love to empower our families through various events throughout the year. We aim to upskill the collective community’s knowledge and capabilities for understanding children with the latest research in alignment with the Dripstone Way.

Our management committee are integral to our success and consistently support us as a team to aim higher and dig deeper so that together we may all experience the profound joy of 'Living Loving Nature.'

We invite you to speak to us about joining our management committee!

We climb trees and balance on logs

We swing with friends

We explore the beaches of Darwin

We care for our chickens and collect eggs

We tend our gardens and harvest veggies

We do yoga under our shady trees

We connect in meaningful ways with people across all ages and stages of life

We sort our waste and are purposeful about what we bring into our spaces

We sing, dance and LAUGH a lot!