Here at Dripstone we pride ourselves on the relationships we hold within our community. At this stage we do have a waiting list for all age groups and we invite you to join our wait list.

Simply click here to join our waiting list or click on the 'Apply online' button below.

Once you have registered for our waiting list we invite you to set aside some time to attend one of our monthly waiting list tours so that you can view our facilities, meet our team and speak to us about your child’s journey.

Our waiting list tours are held at 9:30am on the second Wednesday of every month! We hope to see you here.

Family Testimonials

"My child is thriving at Dripstone far quicker than I had expected. There is an energy at the centre that is clearly influenced by the Dripstone Way."

"We love Dripstone. We are so proud to be a part of the community. We are so grateful to the entire Dripstone team for going above and beyond all day every day."

"This is a place safe for the kids to freely roam, play, climb, learn and connect!"